Your Society – Your Life – Your Right

A society is a place that has people in it who are more or less of the same attitude, thinking and living styles etc… All these people put together make a well-ordered and well-disciplined society with certain rules and regulations for the peaceful living of people. Now many of us might ask questions as to why laws and why not a peaceful living without them? The query might sound very practical and knowledgeable but do you think this is possible and that too in this trendy world of today? No, it is absolutely not possible and if these laws and regulations were absent we would not have been experiencing this peace and comforts in life.

There are many reasons for why a society should abide by certain rules and restrictions. Technology has also a great hand in this. It is because of this advancing technology that there are many changes in the living styles, behaviors, and attitudes of people which are very harmful to the social living of people. Can you imagine a life without friends, neighbors etc? For all of them to be with you, you need to follow certain rules and laws in life that are prescribed and laid down by the society. These social laws are all man-made and hence they keep changing according to the changes in the society. If there were no systems and principles in a society, people would start doing what they feel is right and eventually, the society would be filled with crimes and other unlawful activities. All the rules framed for a society have their base on the rules and laws governing the entire state or a country. If these rules are meant for breaking then even garbage disposal would become a problem and ultimately it is the entire country that would suffer because of this.

Now, what are these societal laws and regulations? These laws are both generic and specific. Generic rules are those that are expected to be followed in common, in public by all the people of the society while specific rules and regulations are those that are to be followed by people for theirs as well the other`s well-being individually. Some examples for generic rules are not smoking in public areas, not spitting everywhere, following simple traffic rules etc… while some of the examples for specific rules are keeping the house clean, living in a clean environment, not picking up a quarrel with the neighbor but trying to be friendly with everyone giving a complete meaning to the concept of social living and togetherness.

Now let`s take a look at what are some of the benefits of following these rules laid down by the society in common.

  • All of us get to live in a safe and clean environment wherein there are people ready to help you with a good heart, you can rely on anybody for any help and you always feel at home when you are among a group of such disciplined people.
  • Rules, regulations, and discipline should start from home. It is only with this that you will be able to be disciplined and follow rules outside your house, i.e. your society.
  • You will stand as a good example for the coming generations to follow discipline and abide by all the rules everywhere and anywhere they go instead of questioning their existence.
  • Everything is done with a special meaning and purpose and so are the laws and rules in a society. When these are followed meticulously, it is not just that society or area but the entire country that would benefit from such disciplined living.

Every operation of ours is governed by rules and regulations. For life, there are few basic guidelines like not to drink and drive, not to smoke in public areas etc and understand that all these are not just for the benefit of an individual but for the society as a whole. Similarly, even businesses follow certain rules and regulations which would take them to the heights of success. Likewise, everything has a meaning and following those would benefit us in the long-run. Society is where everything starts and it is our living place. So trying to make it a heaven is all in our hands. Let all of us get together and make it a better place to live in.